Individual time based contribution logs

Recording contribution logs for an individuals execution outputs after a set period of time


Individual time based contribution logs mean that each individual would submit evidence of their contribution efforts after each set time period. A time period of once per month could be a suitable starting point for most ecosystems.

High contribution measurability (Score - 4)

Contribution logs would be recorded after a certain time period such as each month and also would always be scoped to a single individual. This makes it easy to measure and compare how much contribution output one contributor has made against others.

Very high contribution log accuracy (Score - 5)

This approach gives the highest accuracy on exactly who has contributed what in an ecosystem which improves the discovery for the community to find people who have worked on certain areas. This can be useful for asking questions, getting feedback, or helping with future collaborations where other contributors would benefit from knowing who exactly did what so they can reach out to the right people.

Very high reputation building usability (Score - 5)

Individual contribution logs record an individual's own efforts meaning their logs are relevant to the contributor regardless of which idea and team they are working on. Contribution logs would follow the contributor around and can be considered by anyone in the ecosystem when they are looking to work on different ecosystem initiatives. Individual contribution logs can help with increasing the confidence that a given contributor has been responsible for certain contribution outcomes meaning this approach could be highly effective for building reputation over the long term for an individual. These contribution logs could then also be very useful for voters when determining whether a new idea or new team is likely to be effective or not based on the reputation of the individuals involved in that idea which they have built up over time through each of their own contribution efforts.

Very high performance measurement usability (Score - 5)

Contribution logs that are attached to individual contribution efforts makes it much easier to compare the efforts of each individual within any working team and across other teams. This approach would mean that every individual who is contributing to the ecosystem would be recording their contribution efforts in the same structure. Even if teams and ideas change regularly the contribution logs would always represent an individual's contribution efforts over a fixed time period. This consistency in the structure of the contribution log makes it easier to understand how the performance of an individual contributor and team can change over time.

Very high future voting usability (Score - 5)

If voters are selecting contributors to receive funding the logs would be useful for identifying and selecting the best performing talent. If voters are selecting ideas with a number of contributors involved in executing that idea then the logs would help with showcasing the talent of each of those contributors who are involved in the idea which would then help to achieve the same outcome of working out how competent and effective each team could be. If ideas and teams change over time the individual still has the contribution logs that were relevant to them and that they were responsible for. It is much easier to track an individual's contributions and performance over time. Voters can respond to this information by selecting the individuals and teams that have the most consistent high performers. Individual contribution logs can also indicate what idea and part of execution they have been working on which can mean that individual contribution logs could be viewed in different ways such as to see who has been executing a given idea, who executed a certain part of an idea and which ideas a contributor has been involved in.

Low game theory risks (Score - 4)

Every contributor submitting monthly contribution logs would mean it would become far easier to spot contributors who are trying to game the system and do less work but receive the same compensation. This reduction in risk is achieved by using a constant time period such as monthly periods and then also by keeping the contribution scope focussed on individuals. This makes it hard to hide from the truth of what a contributor has actually done in a month's worth of contribution.

High verification time required (Score - 1.6)

Individual time based contribution logs would mean capturing the highest depth of information compared to the other approaches. This would result in it taking longer than the other approaches for moderators to verify this information. The average time required to verify submissions for any verification approach should reduce over time as the tools and processes improve.

High submission time required (Score - 1.2)

Each contributor would need to keep a note of what they have done each month and provide that as evidence in their contribution log. This is something that should become easier over time as more processes and tools become available to automate this information gathering.

Total score = 30.4 / 36

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