Costs attached to ideas


Keeping idea costs attached to idea suggestions means that these costs would need to be requested in the idea proposal itself. Each of the idea costs would be accounted for and included in the same approval as the idea itself.

Moderate idea cost budgeting complexity (Score - 3)

Each of the idea related costs can be budgeted for in the idea proposal. This can be fine for some of the costs that an idea might have however some costs could change over time or be difficult to calculate ahead of time without further execution effort. This means it can be moderately difficult for contributors to accurately budget for these idea costs ahead of time.

Moderate idea cost change complexity (Score - 3)

To change the existing idea related costs or to add new ones a contributor either needs to estimate all of these costs upfront in the initial idea proposal or withhold those requests entirely until a future repeated idea proposal. Creating a future idea proposal for this purpose adds extra complexity for the voters who then need to approve multiple similar instances of the same idea and this also increases the effort for contributors to handle these repeated submissions.

Low voter expressiveness (Score - 2)

The grouped costs could be easily listed out when the costs are directly attached to the idea however there is still little ability for the voter to properly express their preference in a vote and can only do this by sharing their feedback and opinions on the idea itself. The voters either have to accept everything or nothing.

Total score = 8 / 15

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